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Janitorial Services

We have certifications to operate in the USA and Mexico


Feel the peace of mind of hiring a provider that complies with the new outsourcing regulations and tax obligations, avoid fines.

Competitive prices

Hire our professional cleaning service with personal filtered, psychometric tests, social security, legal benefits and tax deductibility at the best price.

Specialized Cleaning Service

More than 35 years dedicated to routine cleaning, sanitization and disinfection, special services and deep cleaning and, the newest in the market, hourly cleaning.

Our processes are regulated under the quality standards of international agencies.


Select the service that best suits you

and meets your needs.

Routine cleaning

Ideal for keeping your factory, office, distribution center, warehouse, clinic or hospital, department store or business clean every day with trained, uniformed, formal staff equipped with all the tools.

Safe places

Did you know you can receive and display the "Safe places" badge issued by Linsa? Achieve better perception of health safety in your facilities. For more information, click here:

Continuous cleaning services for events
*Check to see if we have coverage in the area

Perfect for deep washing surfaces and floors to raise the standard of cleanliness and improve sanitary safety in your facilities. High-rise cleaning, window cleaning, technical cleaning in manufacturing areas, scheduled or express sanitization and disinfection.

Consulting and training in cleaning and disinfecting protocols

If you have your own staff to carry out cleaning activities, this training consulting for operational staff increases the health safety of your residents or visitors.